The Team

Sithar Tamang
Sithar Tamang
Sithar Tamang founded Yak holidays international in 2003 and has a degree in science and tourism management. He has travelled extensively across Bhutan and an avid traveler has made visits to Europe, America and Asia. He strives to continuously bring the best experience to our guests in Bhutan.
Raine Gorter
Raine Gorter Raine started travelling at 17 and hasn't really stopped. After 11 years in the hospitality industry, she traveled to Nepal to trek Everest Base Camp and has not looked back. Raine now assists our clients with planning their perfect adventure holiday.
Pablo Souto Maior
Pablo Souto Maior
Pablo is a passionate global traveler having visited over 70 countries. He loves trekking and eager to pass on his knowledge and expertise. Pablo organizes and ensures all trip logistics working directly with the local guides to ensure everyone's trip goes off without a hitch. He previously has over 10 years experience in the travel industry having worked for leading travel companies in the United States, England and India.
David Urmann
Dr. David Urmann
Dr.Urmann made his first trip to Nepal and Everest Base Camp in 1998 and has been in love with trekking and exploring the mountains of the world since. He has a doctorate in Geology from Ohio State where he studied climate change records from glaciers in the tropics. When he is not off trekking David spends his time developing the yakholidays website and making sure it's a great experience. Pictures taken by Dr.Urmann in Nepal(click here).

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